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please, please
i care and i cant hide
screaming sounds tortured
maybe i am
cant you see?
im here
accept me
im tired of being
left out
just please realize
im here
i WANT to be here
like crows, black ghosts of nightmares
fly on wings of dreams, of fears
the dreams arent theirs
the dreams yield to no master
the crows own nothing
thier cries are still the inspiration
for our own.
we command, we control
now if only the same could be said
for my life
if i could see where it led
amazing possibilities
i dont want to burn
feel the flame, lick, crack, taunt
your face appears
laughs, walks away
as everything peels away
the layers vanishing
i become nothing
just the same as i always have been
gates close, golden chimes receede
the flames claim ownership
i burn, you watch, and do nothing
but nothing
my screams take the form of the crow
nightmares of mazes
screams, crows, mine, yours, intermingle
i run, but get farther away
not running away, but not running backwards
just deeper into recession
i watch you scream
i will, every time, if i could just
reach you
reach out, daggers laced through my hand
your hand never leaves your side
i must make the reach, you contribute nothing
still, i reach, brush, just as you
and again, and again, and again
and i fail
i fail at life
at my one goal
please, please
just let me
brightest star
fallen angel
perfect forever
my life = EPIC FAIL. srry had to say it lol
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October 15, 2009
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